Join the Calling all Converts Community

Conversion is an amazing, wonderful experience. But it can also be hard.

Because of this converts need help.

Converts need inspiration.

They need to hear the stories of those who’ve made the journey before them.

Converts need answers.

They need solid answers to questions they may have about the Catholic faith.

Converts need connection.

They need to know they’re not alone, that there’s someone they can talk to who understands what they’re going through.

Converts need spiritual direction.

They need guidance on how to grow in their spiritual lives as Catholic Christians.

Converts need to get involved.

They need support finding a home in the Catholic Church where they can use the gifts God has given them in joyful service to others.

And yes, some converts need
vocational support.

Those who had ministerial positions in non-Catholic churches may need help finding a job and reimagining their future.

Conversion can be hard. We want to make it easier for you.

So whether you’ve already entered the Church, are on the path, are just starting to think about it, or wish to help others on their journey — this is the place for you.

Reinvent the wheel? No thanks!

There are a number of amazing organizations out there to meet your needs in all these areas. We want to be the place you can come to in order to be linked to the best of them. Here are two important Catholic ministries we are partnering with and that you will want to visit.