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Vocational Support

And yes, for those whose occupations have been in ministry positions in non-Catholic traditions, their need may include vocational support.

“I remember looking at him across the table. I was literally shaking and I said, ‘Father, you’re the pastor of a large congregation. You’ve got to know someone who owns some kind of company who needs someone to do something. Please help me. I need a job.'”

– Ken Hensley, Former Protestant Minister

What are some immediate steps I can take?

It’s not an easy situation, and there are no easy answers.

For you, conversion may have meant the loss of a sense of identity and mission developed over many years — not to mention occupation and income. We offer these thoughts with a sincere prayer that God will lead you and open doors for you.

If you want to target work in ministry, make sure to bookmark CatholicJobs.com

It’s the  most complete and up-to-date Catholic Job Board known to us.

Learn about the Pastoral Provision.

In certain cases former Protestant clergy have  pursued ordination as Catholic priests. If this is something you’d want to at least consider, here is where you should start. Pastoral Provision.

Start connecting in every way you can.

The Coming Home Network exists to a large degree to help former non-Catholic clergy who are coming into the Church. Make sure to check out their Pastor’s Page, chalk-full of resources specifically geared toward clergy converts: the Helpers Network, discussion Forum and Job Board. Read their helpful booklet Financial and Career Considerations for Clergy on the Journey. Sign up for their newsletter and contact them directly. They may want to interview you for The Journey Home television show or have you submit your conversion story for publication on the site.

Visit with a Vocational Counselor.

At the very least, this could help you think through the sorts of opportunities that might be available to you given your unique gifts, education and experience. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Become familiar with sites that exist to help people who are out looking for work.

Here are a couple sites you can use to help you with all aspects of job search, including writing a great resume:

Discover great Catholic media resources. Media Resources