How to Explain the Church to a Friend

“You Catholics think your Church is right and every other Christian Church and denomination is wrong. How can you be so arrogant?”


Before succumbing to this line of thought (or even wondering a little bit if there might be truth in it) it’s important to keep in mind that everyone thinks their position is right. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be their position. If they thought their position was wrong, they’d take another one. Baptists think they’re right, or at least more right than the Lutherans, who also they’re right. So do Presbyterians. And so do Catholics. So do atheists.

In other words, this is no argument against Catholicism.

But more to the point, it’s not that Catholics believe every other church is wrong in everything it believes and teaches. What Catholics believe is that in the Catholic Church, the fullness of what Christ and the apostles wanted us to know has been preserved intact, and passed down through the ages.

Other Christian churches possess much of that truth and the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that the Holy Spirit uses those churches as “means of salvation.” With this in mind, Catholics are instructed to treat non-Catholic Christians “with respect and affection as brothers,” to love them and pray for the Church to be one day reunited as one.

But what is the case for the Catholic Church? Converts often know more about this “case” than Cradle Catholics simply because in order to convert they had to be convinced! But there’s always more to learn.

Take a moment to watch the video below and take a look at the Church page on our site. Check out the resources — especially the videos. It doesn’t take a ton of work to learn how to explain to a friend what Catholics believe about the Church and give the reasons!

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  • Eric says:

    Hi Ken,

    Love the video! I recognized the rock from this video immediately. It’s Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach in Oregon. I’m a Oregon native and Cannon Beach is my favorite to go to. I’ll always think of this video and the Rock of the church, Peter, whenever I go to Cannon Beach now. My wife and I just started attending RCIA. I grew up Baptist/non-denominational but started looking into the Catholic Church two years ago. I basically read my way into the Catholic Church over the past two years. Like the video says, God has given us a gift of an authoritative teacher in His name. I’m so glad I discovered the gift of the fullness of faith in the Church that Jesus Christ founded; the one, holy, apostolic and Catholic Church. Thanks for all you do and I really enjoy the blog!

    In Christ,

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