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Videos that Inspire

There are deep similarities between the stories people tell of their journey into the Catholic Church. And yet, at the same time, every story is utterly unique.

Lisa Brenninkmeyer

— Founder, Walking with Purpose

“I think it would sound so much more noble if I could say my conversion story had to do with a search for truth and delving deep into books but the truth of it is, I did it for love…”

Blythe Fike

— Wife, Mother and Convert

“It didn’t take long once I understood that Christ’s true desire for us was to be unified. And in the church where I was I didn’t see that anywhere. I really, really wanted that, and I saw it in the Catholic Church.”

Chris Hoffman

— Convert and Air Force Academy Cadet

“My first exposure to the Catholic faith came in the form of a movie. You don’t usually expect religious evangelization to come out of Hollywood, but in my case it did…”

Wesley Bancroft

— Husband, Father & Convert

“All those memories came back about what my father had said about what Catholics claim. So from there I went on a journey of finding what the Eucharist is, and I found the Catholic claim to be both biblically sound and to be rooted in tradition. And so it was the Eucharist that brought me to the Catholic Church.”

Paul McCusker

— Writer/Producer, Former Executive Focus on the Family

“There was never a time in my life when I didn’t believe in God…”

Andrew Whaley

— Radio Host & Founder of Calix

“I started reading the early Church fathers and reading apologetics and building relationships in the Church and I realized that I wasn’t gonna to leave again, that I was home and that I was gonna stay…”

Ken Hensley

— Former Protestant Minister

“At first I was intrigued by the idea: how could someone as bright as I knew Scott Hahn to be become Catholic? It was just bewildering. But then I was also intrigued at how little I knew of the genuinc case that can be made for the truth of the Catholic faith… The very next day I tracked Scott down, got him on the phone and we began to talk…”

Jenna Wilber

— Wife, Mother and Former Evangelical Protestant

“It wasn’t until after the birth of my second child that I started to take my faith more seriously, realizing that as my family was growing I needed to figure out where my husband and children and I would go to church, but also what our faith and daily life would look like…”

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