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Many come into the Church with tremendous enthusiasm and experience in ministry — and then sit there feeling disoriented. What they need more than anything is to get involved using their gifts in service to others.

“Sitting in my pew, twiddling my thumbs and not knowing what my place was, was incredibly frustrating. It really wasn’t until I plugged in…that I really started to enjoy the thrill of being Catholic. The key was finding a spot where I could be used…”

– Lisa Brenninkmeyer, Former Protestant, Founder of Walking With Purpose

So how can I get involved?

Exciting Ideas and Opportunities for Ministry

There are so many amazing Catholic apostolates that exist to meet every sort of need — and that would love to hear from you. Ministries for women, for men, for couples, for students, for those looking to serve locally or on a mission. Here are just some of them!

Opportunities for Involvement

That’s good. But don’t look only outside your parish. Explore what’s happening there as well.

Your local parish is the expression of Christ’s universal Church where you are. Read your parish bulletin. Meet with your pastor. With a little effort you can discover a lot about what’s happening and where you might fit! You may find existing opportunities for involvement that are exactly up your alley, and that are looking for people just like you!

Read the biographies of saints.

Become inspired reading about the lives of Catholics who followed Christ and made a huge difference in their time.

Whatever you do…

Don’t settle for being a Sunday Mass pew-warmer Catholic or thinking that because you volunteer to collect the offering or read the Scripture once a month this will be enough. Of course, these small acts of service are needed. But the kind of involvement in ministry you want and need — and that the Lord wants for you — goes way beyond these sorts of things.

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