Converts Need Connection

When I was in the process of conversion to the Catholic faith, I needed to find someone – anyone! – who might understand what I was going through. Someone who’d made the journey before me and could relate to my struggles.

I was one of the blessed on this account. Scott Hahn had been a friend of mine years before and he was the first person I called to talk about Catholicism. Made sense, since I’d just the night before learned that he’d become Catholic and listened to his conversion story on tape, wearing headphones so that my poor evangelical Protestant wife Tina wouldn’t know what unthinkable heresy I was listening to.

I also got to know Jimmy Akin early on. Jimmy was an apologist with Catholic Answers in San Diego and was so kind and helpful. He would drive up from San Diego and meet me for lunch. He even stayed at my house a time or two. I was able to build a friendship with another convert and one who was very knowledgable. I could hit him with all sorts of questions.

I’ve spoken of Jimmy ever since as the “Terminator of Catholic Apologetics”. He was a great source of information and answers. But he was also a friend, and this is something I needed desperately at the time.

Same thing with my daughter, Blythe (yes, the same one who claimed that God comes from Jerusalem). She suspected that Catholicism might be true long before she became Catholic. We had talked many times. One day she and I climbed into a huge tree and sat there discussing the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist for a long time. She’d also watched Tina and I leave our evangelical church to make the leap.

She suspected, but it would have been very difficult for her to have entered the Church alone. Her entire Christian experience had been as an evangelical Protestant. All her Christian friends were the same.

In the end, for her to pursue the issue seriously, it took her meeting the man she would soon marry – an evangelical Protestant with an open spirit and curious mind who was interested right away in why we had become Catholic and wanted to talk about it. He and I have become great friends.

All this to say that converts need connection!

If you relate to any of this and need support in this area, please check out the Connection page on our website and follow whatever instructions there best meet your particular need. God be with you!

Here’s a short video of my daughter talking about the need she felt for Connection when she was in the process of conversion.

By the way, my daughter has come a long way from her days of committing logical fallacies during breakfast. She is now a wife and mother of six children between the ages of six months and eight years. Believe me: they commit enough logical fallacies to cover for everyone.

She’s also the author of a very popular blog on being a wife and mother of six kids who make no sense.

Check it out.

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  • Thank you, when I became Catholic in the early 80’s I was part of a Young Catholics, which was a group of single Catholics in there 20’s. I don’t see any such groups in our church’s. It’s too bad because though I didn’t meet my spouse there, many did and the love and support was incredible. I was able to go to small group Catholic Bible studies, centering pray, prayer meetings and mass together on different days.

  • Denis Theriault says:

    As a cradle catholic one thing we really need is the witness of our converts. Many of us have watched family walk away from the church and have not been able help them reawaken their faith. The pedaling attitude is one of ” you guys have all been brain washed ” as if w had not studied and wrestled with church teaching. A converts witness carries great weight with them as it shocks and causes them to reflect. God Bless each of you on your faith journey. Denis

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