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Questions, questions. When I began to think about the Catholic faith for the first time, and to read and listen to Catholic teachers, theologians and apologists, I was intrigued. I was interested. But man, did I have a ton of questions.

I look back on that time and am amazed at how blessed I was to have the guidance I had in the area of Catholic doctrine.

After all, the first person I spoke to about Catholicism was Scott Hahn. In my first month or so thinking about it, Scott was my main discussion partner. At first I hit him with questions and debated with him about things I thought were “off”, but very quickly it became clear to me that I needed to shut my fool mouth and spend some time learning.

I said to Scott, “Listen, send a list of the twenty or so most important books you would recommend I read. I’ll take it from there.”

Three and a half years later, after resigning my pastorate to enter the church, the phone rang early one morning. I picked up the receiver and heard a deep voice on the other end say, “Hello, this is Martin Luther. What have you done?!”

I was really blessed with good guidance in the area of Catholic teaching.

In fact, later in my journey I became friends with Jimmy Akin, one of the most knowledgeable Catholic apologists alive. He and I began to meet for lunch and I would pick his brain: “Jimmy, what resources are the best? What’s the best Bible translation to use? What are the best books on the Eucharist? the sacraments? the Church? the papacy? the early Church fathers?” I had it good.

But then I think of the situation so many others find themselves in. Something like a hundred thousand people enter the Church each year in America. Many, many of them pass through confirmation classes or RCIA programs and have become Catholic but have no one guiding them toward great resources for their continued growth in knowledge.

They become Catholic and quit learning.

This is one of the things we want to do at Calling All Converts — not become Catholic and quit learning. Exactly the reverse! What we want is to function as a kind of “compass” pointing converts, reverts and those curious about the Catholic faith in the direction of the best resources available for continued learning.

With this in mind, under our Answers page, we’ve created twelve separate web pages devoted to some of the most important topics, including God, the Church, the Eucharist, Mary, the Papacy, Scripture and Tradition, Salvation, Catholic Moral Teaching.

You want to learn more about the arguments in favor of the Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist?  Here are some great resources to get you started in that area: some short videos to watch, two or three really good books on this subject, a few great recorded talks to pick up and listen to.

Here’s the point: you may know a lot and have no need for this sort of guidance. But there are huge numbers of people for whom this could be a vital resource: people you know who are looking at the Church, Confirmation and RCIA teachers who could use this site and share it with their students. Maybe some of them will subscribe to receive the blog and start learning from what I’m writing here each week.

Join us in getting the word out!

Our prayer is that God will use Calling All Converts to help many in their journey to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith.

Here’s Paul McCusker, former executive with Focus on the Family, on the subject of questions and answers.

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  • Carmel Quinlan says:

    Is there any boom I could give a Catholic priest who has left the Church and now living with a woman and they have a baby together. He is now considering becoming a Protestant minister.

    • Ken Hensley says:

      Carmel, would have no idea how to answer without knowing much more about this person in terms of the issues that led him out, etc.

  • Leonard Alt says:

    Thank you Ken, I passed this on in Facebook!

  • Done M Espina says:

    If I think correctly, our parish has 5 converts this year. I intend to let them know of your website. Thanks Ken.

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