Calling All Converts

This is an exciting moment.  I’m writing to announce the launch of Calling All Converts, a brand new Catholic apostolate developed to provide support to converts and those curious about the Catholic faith. Simply put, we exist to make conversion easier.

Those of you who are converts (I’m one, as well) know that conversion is an amazing, wonderful experience.

I still remember standing before the congregation of St Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood, CA. with my wife Tina and several friends who were entering the Church with us. It was Easter Vigil 1997. I had been a Protestant minister for eleven years and had come to conviction of the truth of the Catholic faith through a great deal of struggle over the course of several years. This was one of the most meaningful evenings of my life. The time came. The monsignor anointed me with oil, traced the sign of the cross on my forehead and spoke those words, “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.” My eyes filled with tears and I nearly cracked right then and there.

Conversion can be a wonderful experience. But it can also be hard. Because of this, converts need help.

For instance, converts need inspiration. They need the encouragement that comes from listening to the inspiring stories of those who’ve made the journey before them.

Converts need answers. Converts come with all sorts of questions about the faith that they need solid answers to.

Converts need connection. They need to know they’re not alone, that there’s someone they can talk to who understands what they’re going through. They need a friend who can relate to the struggles and difficulties. Here’s where the needs converts have go beyond what can be supplied by even the most informative website, book or CD. This is where we work to connect converts with someone who has been down the same road and can walk with them.

Converts need involvement. Many come into the Church with tremendous experience and gifts for ministry, and on fire for the faith. They begin attending Mass, but beyond that find themselves twiddling their thumbs and wondering what comes next. They need support learning how to get involved, how to find a real home in the Catholic Church where they can use the gifts God has given them in joyful service to others.

Converts need spiritual direction. They need guidance on how to grow in their spiritual lives as Catholics.

Finally, some converts (I was one of these) need vocational support. Those who had ministerial positions in non-Catholic churches may need help reimagining their futures and finding a job.

Converts come with all sorts of needs. Our mission is to make conversion easier by doing what we can to meet those needs.

And yes, for those of you who’ve been reading, enjoying and profiting from my apologetics lessons, these will continue as a part of the support we want to provide to converts, reverts and those curious about the Catholic faith. So stick with me!

Finally, I invite you to join me in this good work. There are thousands and thousands of RCIA directors and students, for example, who could benefit tremendously from the resources we bring together at Calling All Converts. We want to get those resources before their eyes. But of course our desire is to get Calling All Converts in front of anyone and everyone who could benefit from it.

So check out the site and if you like what you see, share it with others. It’s that simple.

Finally, pray with us that through this work, many, many will be assisted in their journey into Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. That’s our desire and prayer.

God be with you!




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  • Robert Bagdazian says:

    Hi Ken,

    This is great! As a l990 convert from evangelicalism I really appreciate what you are doing here and I think you have nailed all the categories converts, reverts, and even cradlers need help with. Please also add my wife Mary, a revert, to your list
    Thanks and God bless you and the family!

  • Sherry Slavin says:

    Sounds great. I love the idea. I’ve only been a Catholic 3½ years. Ever since I decided to become a Catholic, I’ve been learning all that I can. I even went to the Apologetics Academy when you, Patrick Madrid and Peter Kreeft came to Kansas City. I think this will help Converts a lot. Thank you for coming up with this.

    God Bless,

  • Jim Anderson says:

    Wow, Ken!
    What a great apostolate this will be. I will be sure to spread the word on this.
    It was great to meet you in Kansas City in 2014. Hope this academy comes back soon.

    Hope all is well with your family, and God bless you!

  • Denis Theriault says:

    Hi Ken, I want to thank you for ever thing your doing for Christ. As a cradle catholic the basic tenants of the church were taught but the questions that a protestant would bring up we were not prepared for. We see this throughout the world. I use many good explanations that you and other converts express in your teachings. Many catholics have been confused by a good argument that a Christan of another faith came up with, not to mention atheists. I am trying to educate myself more and more to help catholics understand their faith better. I try to reach out to some very confused and angry catholics. When our children hit university with its secular and subjective way of thinking not to mention a strong atheistic view of life, they are in trouble. I will continue to challenge and share the reason for my faith with all I meet. Thank for your teaching and witness to truth. God Bless you ! Denis

  • Buffi says:

    Do you have a Facebook page for this as well? If not I think it would be a benefit to get the word out. Thank you for these resources they are sorely needed. God bless.

  • Jo Liow says:

    Praise the Lord! I am just so grateful for what you are doing. I too am a convert, and sometimes my friends who were baptised when they were infants are astounded by the zeal and the passion with which many of us converts live our faith. I tell them that when one has experienced the difference between being just a nobody and being now a child of God, one cannot remain the same. I am ever so grateful! Thank you Ken!

    • Ken Hensley says:

      Thank you so much, Jo. Pray for us!

      • Jo Liow says:

        Before I saw your reply, I had already included you and your wonderful work in my list of people to pray for. Your work is so important and I will want to be a part of it by way of prayer support. Keep it up, dear brother in the Lord!

  • Chris says:

    I just found your site and read your blog on “Faith Alone”. Loved it and am intrigued by your site. I have a silly question, but here goes- I was raised in a Catholic family, baptized as an infant, Catholic school,etc. Is this what you mean by a “cradler”? I’d never heard that before. I am also a divorced, remarried person who is now wanting to “come back” to the church- is that a revert? I have been away for a while and am in the process of “relearning” things – I relate to what Denis mentioned above about not being able to answer some questions that Protestants ask me. Also,being divorced and remarried brings a lot of other issues into my situation. In all this, though, I am very passionate about my return to the church and look forward to reading more on your site. Thank you so much for your patience with this long comment, I am praying each day for strength of spirit.

    • Ken Hensley says:

      Sorry it took me so long to respond, Chris. Yes, “revert” is a term used to describe those who were raised Catholic, fell away and then have come back to the Church. God bless!

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