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The Saints

“When the Bible clearly teaches us that ‘there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus’ (1 Timothy 2:5), how can you Catholics even begin to justify praying to saints?”

Do you ask your friends to pray for you? And when you do, do you worry that this somehow contradicts the scriptural teaching that Jesus is the “sole Mediator between God and man”? And if you don’t worry, why not?

Clearly, the reason you don’t worry is that while you believe Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and our “way” to the Father, you also believe that those who have been made members of his mystical body, share in his mediatorial work. While you believe that Jesus is our faithful high priest who has brought us to God, you also believe that in him we have become a kingdom of priests. This is why we Christians in his name bring the message of reconciliation. This is why we serve. This is also why we pray for others in the name of Jesus.

And this is why we ask the saints in heaven to intercede for us. While Protestants for some reason believe that those who are with Jesus in heaven have ceased to function as members of his body, we do not.

A Few Good Articles

A Few Good Talks

Angels Explained: What You Should Know about the Nine Choirs

by Dr. Mark Miravalle

Why did God create angels? How are they different from humans? Are guardian angels found in Scripture? This is a fascinating book in which readers will discover answers to these questions and many more as Professor of Theology and Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville takes on a subject about which many know very little.

Wisdom of the Saints

by Fr. Shannon Collins

Where do you turn for good council? Where do you look for a good example of the spiritual life? Is it possible for an “ordinary” Catholic to become a saint just by using the many opportunities for holiness that lie hidden in each day? In this three CD series, Fr. Shannon Collins reveals that we should not only invoke the Saints in prayer and imitate their virtues, but also how we should also especially honor them by heeding their words.

Friends in High Places

by Tim Staples

In the six-part series Catholic Answers Director of Apologetics Tim Staples takes a stand against non-Catholic notions about Catholic devotion to the saints. Referring to Scripture again and again, he shows that only a Catholic understanding of this topic is in line with the Bible. This is good defense of the Catholic view of the Saints.

A Few Good Books

Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God’s Holy Ones

by Scott Hahn

Once again Dr. Hahn provides us with an easy-to-read, engaging, thoroughly biblical study of angels and saints. If you’ve wondered “What exactly does Scripture teach on these subjects?” you will be in for a feast.

Sharing God’s Good Company: A Theology of the Communion of Saints

by David Matzko McCarthy

In this book, the author explores the role and significance of the saints in Christians’ lives today. Examining the lives of saints like Martin de Porres, Therese de Lisieux, and Mother Teresa he discusses topics like the veneration of martyrs, science and miracles, images, pilgrimages, and why the saints continue to captivate Christians and inspire devotion. ┬áReally interesting and informative!

Any Friend of God is a Friend of Mine

by Patrick Madrid

What’s this thing Catholics have with asking Mary and the saints in heaven to pray for them? Using Scripture and the early Church fathers, in this book well-known apologist Patrick Madrid gives the simplest and clearest explanation you will find anywhere of the Catholic teaching on the Communion of Saints.

A few Good Links

There are many, many great resources out there for learning the Catholic Faith.
Lighthouse Catholic Media is a fantastic place to start. You can also explore the solid Catholic apostolates linked below to go as far and deep as you like in your study of the Faith.


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